Producător: DA BOMB
Cod produs: DACBUNHER140BK
Disponibilitate:IN STOC
30,00 Lei

Ride on your bike speedily, enjoy the up and down like an adventure of muddy ride! You try to be cool but the dirt keeps come up on your face, even get mud in your eyes. The new Neoprene mudguard pad called Bunker is specifically designed to prevent mud and spray from getting in your face and eyes.
It is easy to fit your bike with lightweight. It's perfect for both DH and XC. No doubt it would become your protection to lead you to be a fighter. The bunker has been fitted on all the forks .We provide
* L-Size: For fork travel: 140 ~ 200mm.
*S-Size: For fork travel: 90 ~ 140mm.
Mudguard Bunker helps you win a joyful performance and maintain your riding condition!

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